Italy's coronavirus death toll reaches over 30,000

Italy's coronavirus death toll reaches over 30,000
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Italy has recorded more than 30,000 deaths related to the coronavirus, according to the country's health ministry.

The health ministry reported 243 more deaths on Friday, bringing the total to 30,201. 

The country registered 1,327 new cases of the illness within a 24-hour period, down slightly from the 1,401 reported on Thursday. The total number of infections is now 217,185.


More than 99,000 people have recovered from the illness in the country, according to the health ministry.

The Lombardy region accounted for nearly half of the emerging cases on Friday, as the area continues to be the hardest-hit in the country.

Government and health officials worry that the recent easing of some lockdown measures such as opening parks could result in further spread of the virus, The Associated Press reported.

On Monday, the Italian government lifted measures allowing more than 4 million people to return to workAnyone going outside may have to explain their business to authorities, but the list of acceptable reasons for going out has been expanded to include visiting relatives within regions.