Scientists say new Chinese vaccine may be safe after early stage trials

Scientists say new Chinese vaccine may be safe after early stage trials
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An early stage trial of a Chinese coronavirus vaccine published in The Lancet medical journal found that it could be a safe and effective method of inoculation to prevent contraction of COVID-19. 

Those who were administered the vaccine rendered a moderate immune response to the virus, which peaked 28 days after inoculation.

The study was conducted at several laboratories and included 108 participants.


The vaccine used an adenovirus called Ad5 that easily enters human cells. However, scientists warn that some people already have Ad5 in their system, and they have expressed concern that the antibodies will be too common for the vaccine to work widely.

Many public health officials have said that widespread vaccination is the only way to achieve herd immunity and truly end the pandemic.

The Trump administration has vowed to find a vaccine by the end of the year, and, if this goal is achieved, it would be the fastest vaccine development in history. More than 100 research teams around the world are working on engineering a vaccine and some have seen success in preliminary trials, according to The New York Times.

On Friday, Oxford University researchers in the U.K. announced they are beginning the next phase of clinical trials on their closely watched potential coronavirus vaccine.

Another leading vaccine effort from the biotech company Moderna announced some positive early results from a phase one trial earlier this week.

About half of participants in the Lancet trial reported a fever, fatigue and headaches, and about one in five participants had muscle pain. However, experiencing mild symptoms after a vaccine is common, the newspaper reported.