Just six coronavirus cases found in Hong Kong mass testing program

Just six coronavirus cases found in Hong Kong mass testing program
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Just six people have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus since Hong Kong began rolling out its mass-testing program to curb the spread of COVID-19 on Tuesday.

Four of the six cases found among the 128,000 people tested so far were previously infected, and showed traces of the virus after being discharged last month, The Associated Press reported.

Approximately 850,000 residents across the city of 7.5 million have registered to participate in the free weeklong program, according to the AP, as Hong Kong seeks to identify asymptomatic carriers of the virus.


Some dissenters were concerned the testing strategy, which is sponsored by the mainland government of China, could be attempting to collect residents' DNA data.

Hong Kong underwent its worst surge in COVID-19 infections in late July, recording more than 100 local cases daily at the outbreak's peak following nearly zero cases in June.

Strict pandemic measures such as limiting dining-in hours and closing bars and karaoke have limited residents' mobility, contributing to the recent steep decline in new cases.

On Thursday, Hong Kong reported eight new cases. It has recorded a total of 4,839 confirmed cases and 93 fatalities since the pandemic began.