Pope urges governments to use pandemic to create more just economy

Pope urges governments to use pandemic to create more just economy
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Pope FrancisPope FrancisPope urges parents to support gay children Pope Benedict XVI says he attended meeting to discuss abusive priest Pope notes 'rising tensions' in Ukraine, calls for talks MORE said Monday that governments should act now to address the economic and environmental inequalities the coronavirus pandemic has laid bare.

The pontiff, meeting with ambassadors to the Holy See, called for a reframing of the world economy, comparing it to the acceptance of the sun rather than the earth as the center of the universe.

“There is need for a kind of new Copernican revolution that can put the economy at the service of men and women, not vice versa,” he said, according to The Associated Press.


He went on to say such a system should be “one that brings life not death, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, humane and not dehumanizing, one that cares for the environment and does not despoil it.”

The pope’s address in the Apostolic Palace had reportedly been delayed for two weeks after he experienced sciatic nerve pain that interfered with his ability to speak.

Addressing the socially distanced assembly of 88 ambassadors, Francis warned that the pandemic has exacerbated social problems and that the desperation would create further human misery.

“Driven by desperation, many have sought other forms of income and risk being exploited through illegal or forced labor, prostitution and various criminal activities, including human trafficking,” he said.

The pope, who has received the coronavirus vaccine, added that “[a]long with vaccines, fraternity and hope are, as it were, the medicine we need in today’s world,” according to the AP.

The pope also expressed concern about the military coup in Myanmar, and called for all detained political leaders to be “promptly released as a sign of encouragement for a sincere dialogue aimed at the good of the country.”

He further invoked the upcoming 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian civil war and said nations of the world should “address the causes of the conflict with honesty and courage and to seek solutions.”