Popular comedian arrested in Myanmar

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Popular comedian Maung Thura, known as Zarganar, has been arrested in Myanmar, with the military saying he incited protests against the coup in which civilian leaders were ousted in early February.

The Associated Press reported that another comedian, Ngepyawkyaw, said soldiers showed up with two army vehicles at Zarganar’s house to make the arrest. Zarganar has been jailed repeatedly since first protesting against the military dictatorship in place in 1988, the AP noted.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested and hundreds of protesters have been killed amid ongoing demonstrations against the military’s takeover of the government in Myanmar earlier this year. The military has pointed to unsubstantiated claims of election fraud in the country’s November election to justify its actions.

Arrest warrants have reportedly been issued for over 60 people in the fields of literature, film, theater arts, music and journalism whom the military blames for inciting violence and uprisings.

A protest on Tuesday by those in the medical field was interrupted by the military using vehicles to run into protesters, firing guns into the crowd and using stun guns, according to the AP.

Four doctors were reportedly arrested during the protest.

The internet has been shut off in an attempt to quell the protests.

Myanmar’s military has faced international condemnation for its actions, with many countries, including the U.S., sanctioning the country.

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