More than 100 diners fined for lockdown breach in France

More than 100 diners fined for lockdown breach in France
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More than 100 diners were fined in Paris on Friday for breaking France’s strict restrictions on indoor dining and social gatherings.

French police said on Twitter that 110 people were fined for "failing to respect sanitary measures." The manager was also reportedly arrested.

Another situation occurred on Friday at a different restaurant when dozens of people were sanctioned for breaking COVID-19 rules, Reuters reported.


Restaurants have been closed in France since October to battle a surge of coronavirus cases, and the country recently went into a new partial lockdown extending through March.

The fines on Friday follow an undercover report by a French TV Network that said ministers in the country were eating at secret restaurants that stayed open despite government orders and told customers not to wear masks.

The man who claimed ministers were secretly eating at these restaurants, Pierre-Jean Chalençon, later retracted the claims, but the police still opened an investigation into the matter.

France has been struggling to get its coronavirus cases under control and extended its third national lockdown since the pandemic began last March.

France has more than 4.8 million reported COVID-19 cases and more than 96,000 deaths.