Australia decides against using Johnson & Johnson vaccines

 Australia decides against using Johnson & Johnson vaccines
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Australia has decided against using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to a risk of blood clots.

“J&J is another viral vector vaccine and we have no advice recommending, at this point, that the government purchase any additional viral vector vaccine,” Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Tuesday, The Associated Press reported. “That’s not a reflection, that’s simply an observation.”

Australian officials had been considering the one-shot coronavirus vaccine to help reach their goal of vaccinating the country's adult population in 2021, but decided to not order Johnson & Johnson and stopped using AstraZeneca due to similar blood clotting concerns.


Two people have been sent to the hospital in Australia due to blood clots that formed after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The U.S. on Tuesday also called for a pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after six people were found with a "rare and severe type of blood clot" after getting the shots.

Australia has doubled its original order of 20 million Pfizer vaccine doses to 40 million, but the extra doses will not arrive until the fourth quarter of this year, the AP noted.

Australia has had more than 29,000 recorded coronavirus cases with more than 900 deaths.