Striking workers block Paris airport, delay flights

Striking workers block Paris airport, delay flights
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Striking workers blocked an airport terminal in Paris on Friday, delaying flights for hundreds of passengers.

The workers were striking at Charles de Gaulle Airport as unions and airport management argue over pay cuts, The Associated Press reported.

Charles de Gaulle said it is trying to avoid layoffs for employees by cutting some pay, as revenue is down 80 percent due to the coronavirus pandemic, which devastated the travel industry.


Police used pepper spray to attempt to disperse the disgruntled employees as passengers who could not get through were sent to other terminals. 

The airport said more delays could occur as the employees plan to strike over the weekend and into Monday.

The airline industry around the world has been severely impacted by the pandemic.

Airlines and airports are seeing a recovery in the U.S. as travel begins to recover amid increased coronavirus vaccination rates.