Lebanon's prime minister warns of 'social explosion' in call for aid

Lebanon's prime minister warns of 'social explosion' in call for aid
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Lebanon’s prime minister is warning of a “social explosion” amid economic troubles in the country and is asking the international community to come to the nation's aid.

“Lebanon is a few days away from the social explosion. The Lebanese are facing this dark fate alone,” Prime Minister Hassan Diab told ambassadors in a speech on Tuesday, Al-Jazeera reported.

“I appeal through you to the kings, princes, presidents and leaders of brotherly and friendly countries, and I call upon the United Nations and all international bodies, the international community, and the global public opinion to help save the Lebanese from death and prevent the demise of Lebanon,” Diab said.


Lebanon’s economic crisis has caused more than half its residents to fall into poverty and their currency to lose more than 90 percent of its value, the outlet noted.

The country deployed troops due to protests that have broken out in Lebanon over the crisis.

Lebanon has not been able to agree to a new government, which prevents the country from working with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“This government does not have the right to resume negotiations with the IMF to implement the recovery plan set by the cabinet, for this entails obligations on the next government that it may not endorse,” Diab said.

The World Bank said in June they expect the crisis in the country to continue.

"In the face of colossal challenges, continuous policy inaction and the absence of a fully functioning executive authority threaten already dire socio-economic conditions and a fragile social peace with no clear turning point in the horizon," the World Bank said.