Record number of COVID-19 cases reported in Tokyo after Olympics start

Record number of COVID-19 cases reported in Tokyo after Olympics start
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A record-high number of coronavirus cases have been reported in Tokyo after the Olympics began on Friday.

The number of new cases on Tuesday hit 2,848, its highest total since the start of the pandemic, The Associated Press reported.

The city’s previous record, from January, was 2,520 cases reported in one day.


Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said “there is no worry" that the Games could be canceled due to the rise in cases. 

The city is currently under a state of emergency due to the number of cases and will stay under a state of emergency until after the Games are over.

There were concerns by the public and medical professionals regarding the chance for an increase in cases when the Olympics began, with the Games being highly unpopular among Japanese citizens.

The Olympic committee took steps to slow the spread of the virus by eliminating all spectators from the games and placing strict rules on the athletes.

“Please watch the Olympic Games on TV at home,” Suga said in his message during the rise in cases. He also told citizens to avoid nonessential outings and to work from home if possible, according to the AP.

Japan only has 25 percent of its country fully vaccinated, and the rising cases are mostly among younger, unvaccinated individuals.

Japan has reported more than 870,000 coronavirus cases and more than 15,000 deaths.