Hong Kong records first COVID-19 case in almost two months

Hong Kong records first COVID-19 case in almost two months
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Hong Kong has recorded its first coronavirus case in almost two months, one that presents a challenge for experts.

Government officials said in a statement that the unvaccinated 43-year-old man, who has no symptoms or travel history, has a viral load so low experts cannot use genetic sequencing to determine which variant he has, Bloomberg reported.

Anyone who has been in contact with him or lives in the same building he does will have to get tested in order to assure an outbreak doesn’t occur in the city. 


The positive test comes as Hong Kong, which has 34 percent of its population fully vaccinated, is ready to open up international travel this weekend.

Vaccinated tourists will be allowed in the city from everywhere but ten countries.

Other coronavirus restrictions remain in the city, despite having so few cases. For example, schools are not allowed to go back to in-person learning unless 70 percent of students in a grade are vaccinated, according to Bloomberg.

Countries around the world are seeing an uptick in coronavirus cases due to the delta variant, which has spread faster than other strains of the virus. 

International travel in the U.S. is still not allowed, as the Biden administration is looking to require all foreign travelers to be fully vaccinated once the restriction lifts.