China rips high actor pay, 'effeminate' styles

The Chinese Communist Party wants broadcasters in the country to make sure actors are more manly — and that artists are toeing the party line. 

Two of China's government agencies published new guidelines Thursday slamming the entertainment industry for its wayward influence on the country's youth and for "severely polluting the social atmosphere," Reuters reported

The party's notice — following high-profile celebrity scandals involving tax evasion and sexual assault — said penalties should be increased for actors who have participated in illegal or unethical activities and that corporations that allow such behavior should be punished as well.


The notice also said programs depicting "effeminate" behavior and other "warped" content should be prohibited, as well as shows centering around scandals, displays of opulent wealth and "vulgar" celebrities, according to Reuters. 

Chinese authorities have previously criticized male actors who wear heavy makeup and project a feminine image, arguing that they should be setting an example of traditional manliness for Chinese boys, Reuters notes. 

China's National Radio and Television Administration said it would increase regulation of performers' salaries and punish tax evaders, as well as eliminate any entertainment content it deems unhealthy to the country's youth, Reuters reported. The agency also said actors should be carefully selected, with political literacy and moral behavior as deciding factors. 

Communist Party officials already strictly control the country's video games, movies, music and other forms of media. 

The news follows China's internet regulator announcing last week that it would take action against what it called a "chaotic" fan culture, Reuters reported.