4 members of Tiananmen vigil group arrested in Hong Kong

4 members of Tiananmen vigil group arrested in Hong Kong
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Four members of a pro-democracy group that organized a Tiananmen Square vigil have been arrested in Hong Kong for refusing to turn over information to the authorities.

The four members of Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China were arrested Wednesday, according to Hong Kong police, for refusing to turn over information about the group’s finances, membership and activities, Reuters reported.

The group had until Sept. 7 to turn over the information or else they would face a fine and six months in jail, according to a letter the government sent the organization which was shared with the media.


“I want to tell Hong Kongers that we need to continue to resist. Don’t surrender to the unreasonable power quickly and easily," activist for the group Chow Hang Tung told the media before her arrest.

The National Security Department did not identify all four individuals that were arrested but said it was three men and one woman between the ages of 36 and 57, according to Reuters.

They were arrested for failing to give over the information and not complying with the national security law in the city. The letter sent to the group said they were “an agent of foreign forces,” which is illegal under the law. 

Chow previously denied the claim the group is “an agent of foreign forces” and said this move by the government was police intimidation.

“The alliance strongly denies that we are any foreign agents,” Chow said. “We are an organization that was founded during the 1989 democratic movement; it was founded by the Hong Kong people.”

Authorities said more arrests could follow, with the organization already firing some and some leaving for their safety.

The national security law has been used to silence pro-democracy groups in the city and any opposition to the Chinese government.