North Korea says recent missiles were test of 'railway-borne' system

 North Korea says recent missiles were test of 'railway-borne' system
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North Korea said the missile system it tested Wednesday was a new "railway-borne missile system." 

Reuters reported that North Korean Marshal Pak Jong Chon, who was in charge of the test, told state media KCNA that the system was "an efficient counter-strike means capable of dealing a harsh multi-concurrent blow to the threat-posing forces." 

The testing of the system occurred Wednesday at the same time South Korea tested a missile firing from a submerged 3,700-ton submarine. 


South Korea said the target was hit during its test. 

North Korea’s test of a new missile system drew international condemnation, with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga saying the test was a “violation of UN Security Council resolution, and I strongly protest and condemn this.”

Tensions between North and South Korea have become increasingly heightened as South Korean President Moon Jae-in said the missile test from North Korea was a provocation.

“If the president joins in the slander and detraction [against us], this will be followed by counter actions, and the North-South relations will be pushed toward a complete destruction,” North Korean leader Kim Jong UnKim Jong UnNorth Korean showcases shirtless soldiers lying on broken glass, smashing bricks on head North Korea's Kim rips US, promises 'invincible' military North Korea's Kim notes 'grim' economy while marking anniversary of ruling party MORE’s sister said. “We do not want that.”