Structure of Notre Dame Cathedral secured, ready for restoration

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Two years after flames engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral and seriously damaged the iconic site, officials said on Saturday that its structure had finally been secured and ready to be restored.

The agency heading reconstruction efforts for the cathedral said vaults damaged by the horrific fire had to be reinforced, which was among some of the last steps that had to be taken before restoration started, Reuters reported. The initiative also largely included securing the building’s walls and towers, according to The Associated Press.

The government agency also affirmed that the cathedral was on track to be reopened in 2024, following through on a promise made by French President Emmanuel Macron to have the site made open to the public again by then. It is also the same time that the French will host the Olympics, Reuters noted.

On April 15, 2019, a fire devastated the iconic French building, destroying its spire and roof. It is still unclear what led to the fiery collapse of the cathedral, though some speculate that it could have been due to an electric fault or cigarette, CNN reported.

The style of the restoration will mirror that of the cathedral before the fire, including a spire roughly 315 feet tall that will mimic the one of the previous design.

Restoration will begin once following a bidding that will be held to determine which companies will take part in the efforts, according to the AP. Work is slated to begin in the fall and winter, with some of the earliest restoration efforts going toward its organ.

Among the projects being conducted, there will be roughly 100 different opportunities for businesses to bid on contracts. 

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