Protestors demonstrate against COVID-19 passes in the Netherlands

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Hundreds of people protested in the Netherlands on Saturday against COVID-19 passes that would allow admission into bars and restaurants in the Netherlands on Saturday.

The protesters marched through The Hague in protest of “corona passes” that are required to show proof of vaccination to get into various businesses in the country, Reuters reported

The news came after the government’s requirement to show proof of vaccination went into effect. 

The protesters had signs and blaring music, according to Reuters, with one sign saying “Medical Apartheid. Stop vaccine passports.”

The Horeca Nederland hospitality industry association found in a survey that 40 percent of restaurant owners don’t plan on enforcing the passes and that the owners believe they are going to be used as a “political tool.”

Prime Minister Mark Rutte fired one cabinet member for criticizing the policy, saying Deputy Economic Affairs Minister Mona Keijzer could not disagree on something “of such importance and weight,” according to Reuters.

“If we end up in a society where we have to be afraid of each other unless we can show proof, then you really have to scratch your head and ask yourself: Is this the direction we want to go?” she said in an interview with a newspaper. 

With the COVID-19 passes in place, the country has dropped all its social distancing requirements and mask requirements in certain places. However, masks are still required on public transit in the country, according to the wire service. 

Other countries such as the U.S., France and Greece have seen opposition and protests to vaccine requirements and coronavirus mitigation methods. 

France saw thousands of protesters multiple weekends in a row demonstrating against similar vaccine passes in their country.

The U.S. has not implemented a universal COVID-19 pass on businesses, but some local counties and cities have required proof of vaccination. 

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