CDC adds the Netherlands, Cayman Islands to travel warning list

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) added the Netherlands and Cayman Islands to its travel warning list on Monday due to the “very high” levels of COVID-19 in both countries.

The CDC said the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands and Cayman Islands reached the threshold for Level 4, the highest level on the agency's scale.

The agency advised individuals not to travel to the two countries or to ensure they are fully vaccinated if travel is unavoidable.


It also noted that because of the “current situation” in the areas, “even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.”

The number of daily new COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands skyrocketed in October, according to data collected by Reuters, increasing from around 1,700 to more than 10,000

The situation is similar in the Cayman Islands. After largely avoiding any COVID-19 cases over the past year, the islands are now seeing spikes in new daily cases, according to data collected by Reuters.

Luxembourg and the Faroe Islands were also elevated to Level 4 status because of COVID-19 spread.

The travel advisories came the same day global COVID-19 cases exceeded the grim milestone of 250 million.

According to an analysis by Reuters, the average number of daily COVID-19 cases has fallen by 36 percent over the past three months. Even as case detections slow, however, certain countries are experiencing record outbreaks.

The new travel advisories were also issued on the same day the U.S. reopened its doors to fully vaccinated international travelers. Individuals entering the U.S. must show proof of vaccination and present a negative COVID-19 test that was administered within three days of traveling.

The new policy applies to both land borders and air travel.