Visas no longer required for Cubans to travel to Nicaragua

Visas are no longer required for Cubans to travel to Nicaragua, a development that could result in more Cubans heading there in an effort to reach the U.S. 

Nicaragua's Interior Ministry said it received many visa applications from Cubans who had family inside the country, The Associated Press reported

The move was made “with the purpose of promoting commerce, tourism and humanitarian family relations,” the ministry stated.


It could also result in more Cubans traveling to the U.S. border, as it is easier to find an overland path from Nicaragua.

The move also comes after the U.S. condemned the elections in Nicaragua, where President Daniel Ortega jailed most of his competition. 

Ortega went on to win reelection with 75 percent of the vote. 

The U.S. has also recently condemned Cuba for suppressing civil liberties protests in the country.