South Korea breaks daily COVID-19 record with over 7K cases

South Korea broke its daily coronavirus case record after hitting more than 7,000 new cases on Wednesday.  

“Last week, the level of daily increase reached 5,000 and today the tally came out over 7,000 – the viral spread has been fierce,” Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum said Wednesday, The Associated Press reported.

“The greater capital region is where 80% of the infections have been concentrated. While we have been working with hospitals to increase the number of hospital beds (designated for COVID-19 treatment), we have been unable to catch up with the speed of transmissions,” he added.


The increase in cases in the country is caused  by the delta variant that has hit the capital Seoul and nearby areas. 

South Korea saw 7,175 new cases Wednesday with 63 new deaths, according to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, according to the AP. An all-time high of critical patients was reached at 840.

The last record breaking day for daily coronavirus cases and deaths in South Korea was on Saturday with 5,352 new cases and 70 deaths. 

As hospital beds and shortage of medical staff plague the nation, officials are cracking down with coronavirus restrictions. 

Vaccine passes will be needed for restaurants and other venues while large social gatherings will be banned. 

Travel restrictions have also been put into place as South Korea has recorded multiple cases of the new omicron variant, the AP noted.