Trudeau: Convoy blockade causing ‘real harm’ on both sides of the border

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday said the trucker protests that are blocking the U.S.-Canadian border are causing “real harm” on both sides. 

In a series of tweets, Trudeau called the “freedom convoy” protests by truckers against COVID-19 mandates illegal, emphasizing it is “causing real harm to workers and economies on both sides of the border.”

The protests have been going on for multiple days with truckers blocking three border crossings between the U.S. and Canada.

Trudeau said in the tweets he has had meetings with officials and the government is prepared to help local authorities disperse the protests.

“I also spoke with @DrewDilkens, the Mayor of Windsor, about the illegal blockade of the Ambassador Bridge. We’re committed to helping the Mayor and the province get the situation under control,” he said. 

The truckers are receiving support from around the world from individuals who are against vaccine mandates, with similar protests breaking out in France and other countries. 

Trudeau is encouraging all lawmakers to condemn the protests. 

“Finally, I briefed the leaders of the opposition parties on the current situation and the latest developments. I stressed how important it is for all Members of Parliament, from every party, to denounce these illegal acts – and to call for an end to these blockades,” Trudeau stated.

“They’re harming the communities they’re taking place in – and they’re hurting jobs, businesses, and our country’s economy,” he added.

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