Nigeria will lift its ban on Twitter soon, official says

A Nigerian official said that the country's Twitter ban will be lifted soon, The Associated Press reported.

Nigerian Information Minister Lai Mohammed told the media on Wednesday that a resolution to the current situation is in sight, but didn't add any details on how the ban could be lifted. 

Twitter spokesperson Sarah Hart told the news wire in an email that the social media platform has met with the country's officials on the issue, saying that they look forward to seeing their service restored. 

"Our aim is to chart a path forward to the restoration of Twitter for everyone in Nigeria," Hart told the AP.  "We look forward to ongoing discussions with the Nigerian government and seeing the service restored very soon."

This comes after the country suspended residents from using the platform in June after Twitter deleted a tweet from President Muhammadu Buhari that threatened to torture separatists. 

In a statement, former President Trump, who's been suspended from the platform, applauded the country for banning Twitter, calling on other countries to do so. 

Nigerians continued to use Twitter through a private virtual network, the AP reported. 

The Hill has reached out to Twitter.