US diplomats showed inner ear damage after mysterious 'health attacks' in Cuba

American diplomats showed inner ear damage after mysterious "health attacks" at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, according to research released by the University of Miami on Wednesday.

“Objective testing showed evidence of a balance disorder that affects the inner ear and a unique pattern of cognitive and behavioral dysfunction,” Dr. Michael E. Hoffer said. 

“What caused it, who did it, why it was done - we don’t know any of those things.”

In 2016, reports of symptoms, ranging from loss of hearing to vertigo, were reported by embassy staff in Havana. Ultimately, 26 Americans reported health concerns.


Researchers said they examined 25 of those people, adding that they failed a variety of tests that detect inner ear problems associated with balance.

The health incidents prompted the U.S. last year to recall roughly 60 percent of its embassy staff from Havana and order 15 diplomats to leave Cuban Embassy in Washington.

Officials have remained uncertain about the cause of the illness.

In September, officials were briefed by experts that "neuroweapons" could be at fault. Russia has reportedly been floated as the source of the health attacks, but no determination has been made.

"The exposure responsible for these findings is unknown,” said researchers. “It would be imprudent to exclude any potential directed or non-directed energy sources at this time.”

Cuba has denied any involvement.