Caravan of hundreds from Honduras heads to US border

Hundreds of people from Honduras have begun heading toward the U.S. border, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Coming from the city of San Pedro Sula, the effort by the migrants appears to mirror those who formed a caravan and reached the U.S. border in 2018, according to the AP. 

Some are hitching rides while hundreds are hiking in groups, waving flags and shouting against President Juan Orlando Hernández as they head for the Guatemalan border.

"We aren't living here, we're just surviving," Elmer García, 26, a migrant from the town of Comayagua, told the AP. "So it doesn't make much difference if you die there or die here."

While many who participated in the 2018 caravan applied for asylum in the U.S., that may prove to be more difficult under President Trump's "remain in Mexico" policy.

According to local sources via Twitter, Honduran authorities are attempting to push back migrants near the border of Guatemala.