Marchers, anti-abortion protesters clash in Mexico on International Women's Day

Marchers, anti-abortion protesters clash in Mexico on International Women's Day
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Members of a crowd of tens of thousands of women marching on International Women’s Day reportedly clashed with far-right protesters in Mexico City on Sunday.

Women wearing green bandanas indicating support for abortion rights ripped down anti-abortion banners carried by male demonstrators and lit the banners on fire, Reuters reported, adding that several of the men responded with Nazi salutes. 

Officials said clashes in the city injured 65 people, but said none were life-threatening. The demonstration was meant to draw attention to femicides, or murders specifically targeting women, which have increased 137 percent in Mexico in the last five years.


The march drew at least 80,000 people. Crowds marched through the city center to the public square, which faces the National Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral, where the two contingents of protesters clashed, according to Reuters.

In other parts of the city, masked women smashed the windshield of a car with hammers and overturned a van, the news service noted.

Protesters also threw Molotov cocktails at the door of the palace, with others writing graffiti condemning “misogynist AMLO,” in reference to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“They’re killing 10 women a day - the ones that we know about - in the country I’ve lived in my whole life, it’s unacceptable,” preschool teacher Daniela Garcia, 33, told Reuters.

One Molotov cocktail reportedly set a female photographer from newspaper El Universal on fire, resulting in her hospitalization with second-degree burns, the newspaper said.