Pro-Israel group AIPAC cancels 2022 policy conference over COVID-19

Pro-Israel group AIPAC cancels 2022 policy conference over COVID-19
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The Pro-Isreal group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) announced over Twitter Monday that it would cancel its 2022 conference over the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We hoped that by now we would have had greater certainty, more clarity, and the definitive answers needed to determine whether we can safely host a Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. in 2022," AIPAC President Betsy Berns Korn said in an official statement. But she said there are still "too many questions that remain unanswered" for the conference to move forward responsibly. 

"We are now at the stage of planning that requires us to make those financial commitments," the group said. "After considerable review, we feel strongly that signing contracts at a time of such continued uncertainty about the safety of the conference and our delegates would be an irresponsible use of the resources you entrust us to use wisely."


With vaccination rates slowing down and the new COVID-19 delta variant spreading across the country, many officials are taking extra precautions, even with mask restrictions and other limits lifting. 

Some supporters of AIPAC were upset by or critical of the announcement on social media.

However, the group remains confident that the cancellation will not deter its mission.

"This year, we will demonstrate even greater ingenuity and will expand upon the innovations we introduced over the past year to advance our mission and strengthen our community," it said. "Our lobbying for pro-Israel legislation will be as robust as in previous years — and even more so — with new and creative ways to engage members of Congress and their staff."