Slain president's wife returns to Haiti

Slain president's wife returns to Haiti
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Martine Moise, the wife of the slain Haitian president, Jovenel Moïse, returned to the country after being released from a Miami hospital, The Associated Press reported on Sunday. 

Arriving at the Port-au-Prince airport wearing a bulletproof vest over her dress and sporting a sling on her right arm, Martine Moise was greeted by Haiti's interim prime minister, Claude Joseph, and other officials, according to the AP. 

In a tweet, Martine Moïse expressed her gratitude for the support she received during her recovery, sharing that she still does not “believe” her husband is gone, saying that “this pain will never pass.”


“Thank you to everyone who is helping me pray for my return to life. Because all the time you hospitalize your life from God and doctors,” Martine Moise wrote to Twitter. “Martine Moïse, I still don't believe that my husband has gone like this before my eyes without saying a last word to me, this pain will never pass.”

Martin Moise was critically injured after a group of assailants raided her home on July 7 and killed her husband. 

Haitian authorities have arrested 20 people in connection with the incident, including two U.S. citizens of Haitian descent.

Haiti government officials announced that a funeral for Jovenel Moise will be held on July 23 and his wife is expected to attend, the AP noted.