North Korea labels Bolton a ‘war monger’ and ‘defective human product’

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A North Korean official reportedly labeled John Bolton a “war monger” and a “defective human product” after the national security adviser called Pyongyang’s missile tests a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

The unidentified foreign ministry spokesman linked the missile testing to self-defense in a statement to the state KCNA news agency, Reuters reported Monday

“His claim is indeed much more than ignorant,” the spokesman said, according to the news service. “Our military drill neither targeted anyone nor endangered the surrounding countries, but Bolton makes dogged claims that it constitutes a violation of the ‘resolutions’, impudently poking his nose into other’s internal matters.” {mosads}

Bolton is frequently criticized by North Korea, Reuters noted. 

“It will be fit to call Bolton not a security adviser striving for security but a security-destroying adviser who is wrecking peace and security,” the spokesman added, according to The Associated Press. “It is not at all strange that perverse words always come out from the mouth of a structurally defective guy, and such a human defect deserves an earlier vanishing.”

Bolton said Saturday that there is “no doubt” the North Korean missile tests violated U.N. resolutions and said that U.S. sanctions against the country should remain.

President Trump however, broke with his adviser, tweeting, “North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me.”

The president also wrote that he had “confidence” that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would keep a promise made to him. 

Trump doubled down on his statement at a Monday press conference in which he said he was not “personally” bothered by the missile launches that took place earlier this month.

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