China rejected Hong Kong proposal to resolve protester crisis: report

China rejected Hong Kong proposal to resolve protester crisis: report
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China reportedly rejected a proposal by Hong Kong's government to handle the territory's political crisis. 

China's government rejected the plan by Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, directing her not to relent to demands of protesters, three people with knowledge told Reuters

Lam had sent a report to Beijing that found that withdrawing an extradition bill that sparked the protests could lessen tensions, according to the wire service. It reportedly analyzed the protesters' demands and considered how concessions could quiet the demonstrations.


A senior Hong Kong government official told Reuters that China instructed Lam not to withdraw a bill or launch an inquiry, which she had proposed as potentially feasible solutions. 

Lam has said that the bill is "dead" but has not said explicitly that it was "withdrawn," the news outlet reported. 

Lam's office told Reuters in a statement that the government had attempted to address the grievances by protesters, but did not say directly that it had sent a plan to China or whether it received orders from Beijing. 

The Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of China's Foreign Ministry did not respond to the wire service's request for comment. 

People have been demonstrating in Hong Kong for weeks. The territory's government had attempted to control the sometimes-violent protests through methods including the use of tear gas. More than 1.7 million people joined a demonstration earlier this month, organizers said, according to multiple reports. 

Lam said this month that she would listen more and reach out to the community in response. 

Prominent pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was arrested Friday amid the demonstrations, according to his organization, Demosistō.