Hong Kong leader: 'Quite remarkable' no fatalities during protests

Hong Kong leader: 'Quite remarkable' no fatalities during protests
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Hong Kong's leader, Carrie Lam, reportedly said on Tuesday that it’s “quite remarkable” there have been no fatalities in the months-long protests across her city that are focused, in part, on her removal. 

Lam’s comments come as Amnesty International called on her government to investigate the use of police force against demonstrators in light of reports that officers are firing tear gas to break up crowds, according to Reuters

Lam also said there will be a “long road” toward healing rifts between activists and the police force, acknowledging the tense situation.


“I know the level of mutual trust is now relatively low in Hong Kong, but we have to make sure that we can continue to operate as a civil society,” she told reporters, according to Reuters. 

The news service also reports that Hong Kong police are casting doubt on allegations that an officer beat a man during a protest on Saturday, with acting Superintendent Vasco Williams telling reporters that footage of the alleged incident shows an “officer kicking a yellow object,” not a man in an alley. 

Tensions have continued to rise over the protests, which began three months ago over a bill that would have allowed suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial. Lam shelved the bill, but the demonstrations have evolved into larger calls for democracy and her ouster. 

China has said it is committed to its 1997 "one country, two systems” agreement and denies interfering, according to Reuters.