Police warn of 'violent' attack in Hong Kong on key Chinese anniversary

Police warn of 'violent' attack in Hong Kong on key Chinese anniversary
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Police are reportedly expecting violent attacks in Hong Kong on Tuesday as China celebrates its 70th anniversary. 

The warning comes as the ongoing protests in Hong Kong persist, following a weekend in which police fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters who set fires and threw gasoline bombs, Reuters reports

The chief superintendent of the police’s public relations branch, Tse Chun-chung, said at a news conference Monday there will be “a very serious violent attack.” 


“We are on the verge of extreme danger,” the chief superintendent added. 

Police said they arrested 157 people, including 67 students, over the weekend and estimate that nearly 100 gas bombs were thrown, according to Reuters. 

The demonstrations are part of the months-long protests in Hong Kong. Protesters in the Chinese territory are demonstrating over what they see as interference by Beijing that goes against the autonomy promised when British rule ended in 1997. 

The protests were triggered by planned legislation that would have allowed people to be extradited to mainland China for trial. The plan has since been withdrawn, but the protests have persisted.