Violence spreads in latest Hong Kong protests

Violence spreads in latest Hong Kong protests
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Violence has spread into Hong Kong’s New Territories as the ongoing protests in the region stretched into their 24th straight week, Reuters reported Sunday. 

In the Kowloon district of Mong Kok, police used a water cannon and tear gas to try to clear a main area that was littered with loose bricks, according to Reuters. 

Wherever Cantonese officers went, they were met with shouts of abuse by protestors, according to Reuters. The officers have been accused of using brutal force against the protestors. 


Protestors also reportedly vandalized a train station in the new town of Sha Tin and overturned tables and smashed glass panels in a restaurant seen as being pro-Beijing. Reuters also reports that police and protesters clashed in violent riots on the streets of Tuen Mun outside the “V city” mall.

The ongoing protests, are centered on anger that Beijing is meddling in Hong Kong’s freedom and violating the 1997 agreement put in place when the former British colony returned to Chinese rule that guaranteed “one country, two systems.”