Chinese gene-editing scientist sentenced to 3 years

Chinese gene-editing scientist sentenced to 3 years
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A Chinese scientist who claimed to have been behind the world’s first gene-edited babies was sentenced to three years in prison over his research, The Associated Press reported Monday. 

The verdict said the researchers, led by He Jiankui, had not obtained qualifications as doctors and deliberately violated Chinese regulations on scientific research, the AP reports, citing the state-run Xinhua News Agency. 

He was convicted of practicing medicine without a license and also fined 3 million yuan, about $430,000, and two researchers involved in the project received lesser sentences and fines, according to the AP. 


The court reportedly ruled that the researchers pursued fame and profits and crossed an ethical line in science research and medicine. The court also reportedly said that the researchers fabricated ethical review documents. 

All three researchers pleaded guilty in the trial, according to the AP, which cited the state news agency. 

The court also reportedly confirmed reports of a third baby, saying that the researchers were involved in the births of three gene-edited babies to two women. 

He had announced last year that he used a gene-editing technique called CRISPR to alter the DNA of human embryos of twin girls. 

In January China announced investigators found He violated state regulations and was expected to face criminal charges.