Coronavirus death toll rises by 150 in China

Coronavirus death toll rises by 150 in China
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China on Monday reported 150 new deaths from the rapidly spreading coronavirus, The Associated Press reports.

The new report brings the death toll to 2,592, and a newly reported 409 cases of the virus brings the total number of those infected on the mainland to 77,150 according to AP. 

As new cases of coronavirus in China continues to be reported, the country reportedly announced Monday it would postpone political meetings. 


The vast number of cases globally are still centered in China, where the virus originated, but other countries have increasingly reported confirmed cases as well as deaths from the virus. 

The number of cases in South Korea surged to 833 on Monday, up from 602 confirmed just one day before, according to AP. 

Italy reported five deaths and more than 200 cases of coronavirus on Monday, becoming the hardest-hit country in Europe.

In Iran, 50 people reportedly died from the coronavirus in the city of Qom, a lawmaker reportedly said, even as the Health Ministry reported just 12 deaths have been recorded across the country, according to AP.