South Korea sees largest increase in coronavirus cases in months

South Korea sees largest increase in coronavirus cases in months
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South Korean health officials said Sunday that the country had reported a new daily coronavirus caseload of almost 300 cases, the country's highest number since March.

Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 279 cases had been confirmed in the country over a 24-hour period, the highest seen since March 6 when the pandemic was spreading in the country's southern, rural regions.

The new confirmed cases are mainly in the country's capital of Seoul, raising worries from health officials that the virus could spread in the more densely-packed metropolis area, according to The Associated Press.


The country's test positivity rate remains just below 1 percent, and the total number of confirmed cases in the country now sits just over 15,000. 305 South Koreans have died after contracting the disease.

South Korea and other east Asian nations remain well below the U.S., Brazil, and India, which have all reported millions of cases of the virus with hundreds of thousands of new positive tests reported every week.

South Korea has largely been hailed as a success story due to its widespread use of drive-thru testing and other measures to prevent the virus's spread; the country also inked a deal with Maryland officials to provide thousands of coronavirus testing kits for the state.