Security forces open fire on protesters in Myanmar, killing eight

Security forces open fire on protesters in Myanmar, killing eight
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Protesters demonstrating in support of Myanmar's ousted civilian government were fired upon by government troops on Sunday, killing eight in several towns, according to local media.

Reuters reported that demonstrations occurred Sunday in towns and cities across Myanmar, including in Mandalay, the country's second-largest city, where at least two people were killed when troops opened fire.

Others were killed in demonstrations in at least three other towns, according to Reuters, which noted that the reports were not independently verified.


State-run media is also reporting that handmade bombs have been discovered around "government buildings and public roads," with a number of explosions reported in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar.

Protests have waged on for months around the country as Myanmar's military refuses to relinquish its grip on power; military officials detained members of Aung Sang Kyi's civilian government earlier this year after disputing the fall's election results.

A U.N. official warned the news service in April that as many as 25 million could fall into poverty as the country's economy has virtually grinded to a halt.

The Biden administration has called for the military to restore Sang Kyi's government and cease violent retribution against demonstrators.