Tokyo Olympics threatened by tropical storm

 Tokyo Olympics threatened by tropical storm
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A tropical storm could threaten the duration of the Tokyo Olympics, AccuWeather reported on Sunday.

Tropical Storm Nepartak formed Friday night over the western Pacific Ocean. It is expected to move north over the weekend before making landfall in Japan, according to AccuWeather. 


AccuWeather meteorologist Jake Sojda said Nepartak has a good chance of hitting Tokyo on Monday or Tuesday, adding that the tropical storm could impact Olympic events.

"The greatest impact to the games would obviously come from a direct hit on Tokyo, where the majority of venues and events are located," said Sojda. "However, even if the storm tracks farther north or south of Tokyo, there are some venues located farther away from the greater Tokyo metroplex that could still be impacted."

Sojda also said that outdoor events could be at great risk from the storm but added that indoor events at the games could suffer from power outages and downed trees and power lines.

This comes as Olympic organizers have already rescheduled rowing events because of inclement weather on Monday, ESPN reported on Saturday.

The Tokyo Olympics had their opening ceremony on Friday and end Aug. 8.