Beijing offering booster shots ahead of Winter Olympics

Beijing offering booster shots ahead of Winter Olympics
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Beijing has started administering COVID-19 booster shots in the city to "at-risk" individuals above the age of 18, with less than four months remaining until the start of the Winter Olympics. 

The booster will be offered to fully vaccinated people who, at least six months ago, received the Sinopharm, Sinovac, or CanSino vaccine and are considered "at-risk," such as those participating, organizing, or working in the Olympics, according to The Associated Press. Other eligible people include those working in retail, manufacturing, education and public facilities, the South China Morning Post reported.

While the booster has been rolling out in cities since September, authorities have been extremely selective with who receives the shot, the AP noted. 

Last week, the World Health Organization recommended that people over the age of 60 who have received the country's Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccine should receive a booster. While other countries have allowed the mixing and matching of vaccine types, China has ruled that the booster dose must be the same type as the first two jabs. 

The winter Games will start on Feb. 4 and will take place in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. Local spectators will also be allowed to attend the event.