NBA star Enes Kanter rips Nike for being 'silent' on China

NBA star Enes Kanter rips Nike for being 'silent' on China
© Scott Wong

Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter is calling out Nike for remaining “silent” on China’s use of slave labor and other injustices. 

In a video posted to Twitter on Monday, Kanter began by applauding Nike for speaking out against injustices in the U.S. before ripping the sports apparel company on its silence toward China. 

"When it comes to China, Nike remains silent," Kanter said in his message. "You do not address police brutality in China. You do not speak about discrimination about the LGBTQ community. You do not say a word about the oppression of minorities in China."


"You are scared to speak up," Kanter said. “Who makes your shoes in China? Do you even know? There are so many forced labor factories in China. For instance, Uyghur forced labor."

Kanter, an 11-year NBA veteran, has become a prominent critic of the Chinese government. 

China pulled the Celtics’ game telecast and highlights off the air Friday after Kanter posted a video calling Chinese President Xi Jinping a “brutal dictator.”

Kanter has also been wearing custom Air Jordan sneakers created by shoe designer Badiucao that highlights his current stance on Nike and China. 

The Hill has reached out to Nike and the NBA for comment.