China orders top energy companies to secure winter supplies at all costs: report


China has ordered its top energy companies to secure winter supplies at all costs amid a growing energy crisis in the country, several people familiar with the citation told Bloomberg. 

The directive came during an emergency meeting this week with the head of the country’s energy section and industrial production Vice Premier Han Zheng.

Zheng called all the state-run energy companies in for the meeting, including coal, oil and electricity companies, with other economic agencies to discuss the directive, the people told Bloomberg. 

Zheng said no blackouts would be acceptable this winter as China has been dealing with energy and fuel supply issues. 

Two of the state-owned energy companies released statements Thursday echoing the directive from Zheng, saying they would try their best to keep blackouts from occurring in the winter. 

“We will go all-out to fight the tough battle of energy supply,” CEIC, the country’s biggest coal miner company, said. 

Premier Li Keqiang said China will be guaranteeing the needs of citizens will be met and economic growth will be maintained.

China’s promises come as other nations are facing fuel issues, with the U.K. currently suffering from gas shortages and supply chain issues that could run into Christmas.

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