Boris Johnson resigns as British foreign secretary

Boris Johnson resigns as British foreign secretary
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Boris Johnson resigned Monday as the United Kingdom's foreign minister, the BBC reported.

His resignation comes shortly after David Davis, who served as the secretary for Britain's exit from the European Union, stepped down from his post.


Davis said in an interview with the BBC that he left due to the United Kingdom's approach to the ongoing discussions for Brexit, adding that he believes his country should be "tougher" with the European Union.

"I'm worried that what the European Union will do is simply take what we've offered and ask for more or wait for more," he said during the interview.

Multiple reports on Monday said British Prime Minister Theresa May picked Dominic Raab, who backs the United Kingdom's exit from the EU, to replace Davis.

Johnson, who assumed his position as foreign secretary in July of 2016, previously admonished then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for his criticism of NATO. In May, he pressed Trump to remain in the Iranian nuclear accord.

Trump is slated to visit the United Kingdom later this week.

Later on Monday, the Prime Minister's official twitter account tweeted that May had selected Jeremy Hunt to replace Johnson.

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