UK's Johnson dismisses resignation talk ahead of Brexit deadline

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson dismissed talks of resignation Sunday, saying he will stay on even if he cannot deliver a Brexit deal.

Johnson said during his party's annual conference in Manchester that only the Conservative Party can successfully negotiate a Brexit deal by the Oct. 31 deadline. Johnson committed to executing Brexit either way, with or without a deal with the European Union (EU), Reuters reported.


“I have undertaken to lead the party and my country at a difficult time and I am going to continue to do that," he told BBC Sunday. "I believe it is my responsibility."

The prime minister spoke out against the "surrender act" that Parliament enacted mandating Johnson ask for a delay for Brexit if an agreement between Brussels and the U.K. is not reached by the EU summit on Oct. 17 and 18. He did not say on BBC how he plans to fight this law.

“People can feel that this country is approaching an important moment of choice and we have to get on and we have to deliver Brexit on October the 31st,” he told BBC.

The U.K. Supreme Court found Tuesday that the prime minister's dismissal of Parliament was unlawful. Johnson suspended Parliament because the governmental body was thwarting any chance to pass a Brexit deal without the establishment of an official trade agreement.