UK PM apologizes to Tory party for missing Brexit deadline

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized to his Tory party for missing the Oct. 31 Brexit deadline that he promised to make.

Johnson’s Brexit deal ultimately passed the House of Commons in the days leading up to the deadline but failed to gain majority support to fast-track the plan within three days. The prime minister was pushed to ask the European Union (EU) for an extension, which it granted for Jan. 31. 

“I’m deeply, deeply disappointed,” Johnson said to Sky News Sunday.

“Are you sorry?” journalist Sophy Ridge then asked.

“Yes, absolutely,” the prime minister answered.  

Ridge pushed Johnson on whether he apologized to the conservative lawmakers, who voted for him to have a quick exit from the EU by Oct. 31. 

“It’s a matter of deep regret,” Johnson said. “But all we need to do now is get on and do it.” 

“And the difference between this government and any other party is that only this government offers a deal that is ready to go and a way of delivering it immediately in the middle of December,” he continued.

Johnson previously announced he would rather be “dead in a ditch” than ask the EU for an extension beyond the Halloween deadline. The prime minister placed blame on Parliament for missing the Oct. 31 deadline, accusing it of wanting to stay a part of the EU.

The country will hold a general election in December as the Brexit dispute continues.