Finland cordoning off Helsinki area to contain coronavirus

Finland cordoning off Helsinki area to contain coronavirus
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Finland is the latest country to restrict access to one of its cities during the coronavirus pandemic, with Finnish officials cordoning off Helsinki and the surrounding region on Wednesday.

Uusimaa, the region that surrounds Helsinki, has been the hardest-hit place in the country.   

"The epidemic is much further along in Uusimaa than in the rest of the country," Prime Minister Sanna Marin said, Bloomberg reported.


"The only workable way to slow the spread of the epidemic is to limit contacts between people," she added.

"Travel to and from the area will only be allowed when absolutely necessary and only for those with special needs," Bloomberg reported.

As of Wednesday, there were 880 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Finland and three deaths.

Like many other countries, Finland has closed its borders and schools and has limited gatherings to 10 or fewer people.

More than 460,000 people worldwide have been infected with the virus, and more than 20,000 people have died.