UK reports 938 coronavirus deaths, largest single-day jump

UK reports 938 coronavirus deaths, largest single-day jump
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The U.K. reported 938 coronavirus deaths Wednesday, the largest single-day jump since the outbreak hit the country.

The daily death toll surpassed 900 for the first time, with National Health Service England counting 828 deaths in English hospitals in the past 24 hours, The Times reported

The U.K. surpassed its previous highest daily death toll, which occurred Tuesday when 786 people died. The country’s total death toll has reached 7,097 with Wednesday’s rise. 


The U.K. has documented 60,733 positive cases overall, with 5,492 in the past 24 hours, according to the Times.   

The 828 patients who died in England ranged between age 22 and 103, with all but 46 having underlying health conditions, the Guardian reported. The most deaths occurred in London with 201, the Midlands followed with 171 deaths.

According to the outlet Sky News, there are sometimes discrepancies between the U.K. nations' individual counts and the official U.K. government’s total for coronavirus cases and deaths. For example, places like Scotland and Wales may report their numbers at different times than the U.K. as a whole, leading to different sums for the kingdom. 

Before the increases on Tuesday and Wednesday, the numbers were lower than expected on Sunday and Monday, according to the Guardian.

The news comes as U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in intensive care due to complications associated with the coronavirus, but U.K. Chancellor Rishi Sunak said Wednesday that his condition was “improving.” 

The U.K.’s highest daily jump in deaths follows the surge in daily deaths experienced in France and the U.S. on Tuesday, with both reaching their highest points. The U.S. counted a higher daily death toll Tuesday than any other country during the pandemic, at more than 1,900.