British PM's half brother slams Johnson's medical treatment before hospitalization


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's half-brother criticized the health care the prime minister received while in self-isolation before being admitted to a London hospital because of the coronavirus.

"From what I gather — and I wasn't there — no one asked a doctor to mask up and physically examine him the whole time — more than 10 days," Max Johnson told CNN.
Johnson revealed that he had contracted the virus on March 27, but described his symptoms as mild and said that he would continue to lead the country. But when his symptoms didn't improve he was transported to St. Thomas' Hospital in London. A day later, the prime minister was moved to the ICU, where he stayed for three days before being move out on of the unit on Thursday night.
"He'd tested positive so there was no doubt what he was dealing with. The word 'shambles' comes to mind," Max Johnson told CNN in a statement. "What's the point of bodyguards when you can't have a doctor? The Office of Prime Minister needs better protection."
The U.K. has almost 80,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and just under 9,900 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.