Spanish death toll lowest in 6 weeks

Spanish death toll lowest in 6 weeks
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Spain’s death toll from the coronavirus hit its lowest point in six weeks as the country starts to reopen.

Spain on Sunday reported 164 new deaths, marking the lowest number for the country in six weeks, according to Forbes

The number of confirmed daily COVID-19 cases also reached a low in Spain. 


Fernando Simón, Spain’s Director for Health Emergencies, said during a coronavirus briefing that the country is seeing “the lowest number of cases in two months” by percentage, according to CNN. 

He warned, however, that the data doesn’t “eliminate risk” and said the positive coronavirus cases figures could be adjusted in the coming days due to delayed weekend holiday reporting, according to CNN. 

Spain has been one of the countries hit hardest by the coronavirus. The virus has infected more than 217,000 people and killed 25,264 in Spain, based on data compiled by Johns Hopkins University

Spain has started transitioning out of its strict lockdown, allowing people to exercise outdoors for the first time in seven weeks.