Anti-police brutality protestors, police clash in Paris

Anti-police brutality protestors, police clash in Paris
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Anti-police brutality protesters clashed with police in Paris on Saturday following the police beating of a Black man, Reuters reported

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin this week ordered the suspension of three police officers after they were recorded punching an artist named Michel and beating him using a truncheon without apparent cause, The Associated Press reported on Thursday. 

The incident fanned anger about a draft law that is seen as curbing the right of reporters to cover police brutality, Reuters notes. Thousands marched across France against police brutality and in support of free press. 


Police fired tear gas at protesters on Saturday, according to the news outlet. Masked protesters reportedly launched fireworks at their lines, put up barricades and threw stones. 

According to images and videos reviewed by AP, the attack on Michel occurred shortly after officers followed the man into his music studio. Not long after the beating, the police reportedly exited the studio and were met with backup. They then launched tear gas into the studio, prompting other artists who had been recording music to leave. 

Hafida El Ali, a lawyer for Michel, told the AP that they were “beaten up” once outside and were “thrown to the ground and that’s the moment when a police officer sees they are being filmed.” It wasn’t until after that, according to El Ali, that the officers stopped attacking. 

The officers reportedly claimed that Michel was behaving dangerously.