‘Freedom’ protests banned from Paris streets

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Police in Paris said that “freedom convoy” protesters will be barred from entering the city starting on Friday, Reuters reported.

Protesters were warned that they could face two years in prison, a 4,500 euro fine and suspended driver’s licenses for violating the order, according to Reuters.

Most protesters are reportedly expected to come from southern France, but it is believed that others will emerge from cities all across the nation to protest pandemic restrictions.

The protesters were inspired by demonstrations that originated in Canada against vaccine mandates, and blockaded the Canadian capitol of Ottawa, Reuters noted.

The protests in Canada are also disrupting trade routes by barricading bridges between the United States and Canada. 

Some French protesters are reportedly waving the Canadian flag during the demonstrations, in a nod to the original demonstrators. 

Other protests against COVID-19 restrictions spurred on by Canada’s demonstrations have cropped up in Australia and New Zealand.

On Sunday, multiple people were arrested at the Canadian protests, and Ottawa Police Service said it has launched 60 criminal investigations stemming from the demonstrations. 

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