India tops 145K coronavirus cases in one day

India tops 145K coronavirus cases in one day
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India reported a daily record of more than 145,000 new coronavirus infections on Saturday.

The nation reported reported 145,384 new coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours and 794 deaths, breaking 100,000 coronavirus cases for the fifth time this week, according to Reuters.

India recorded more than 100,000 daily coronavirus infections for the first time on Monday, according to Reuters. The news outlet said Friday that India reported 131,968 cases and 780 deaths.


India has recorded 13,205,926 coronavirus infections since the pandemic began and 168,436 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

India trails Brazil, which has logged more than 13.4 million infections, and the U.S., which has logged more than 31 million infections.

The record comes as India deals with a surge of coronavirus infections in the country. The New York Times reported that India, which enforced a strict lockdown when the virus surged last year, is now becoming a global hot spot. 

Several states in the South Asian country are imposing new lockdowns to deal with the surge. Maharashtra, which has the highest number of cases, ordered a weekend lockdown that will end on Monday, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, the Hindustan Times reported that India became the third country to administer 100 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine on Saturday. The nation administered 101.3 million shots to 88.6 million people.

According to the news outlet, it took India 85 days to reach the milestone, compared with 89 days for the U.S. and 103 days for China.