Iran dismisses ‘useless’ threats from ‘inexperienced person’

A top adviser to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on Thursday shrugged off President Trump’s latest warning about Tehran’s ballistic missile program.

“This is not the first time an inexperienced person has threatened Iran. … The American government will understand that threatening Iran is useless,” Ali Akbar Velayati said Thursday without identifying any specific U.S. official, according to Reuters.


“Iran does not need permission from any country to defend itself,” Velayati reportedly told the Iranian Fars news agency from Ankara, Turkey.

Trump tweeted earlier that morning that “Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE” for testing a new weapon last weekend.

Iran on Wednesday confirmed it tested a new ballistic missile over the weekend, saying it did not violate its landmark 2015 nuclear pact with the former Obama administration. Iran additionally claimed the missile test also did not breach a U.N. Security Council resolution endorsing the nuclear agreement between Tehran and six world powers, including the U.S.

Trump's national security adviser, Michael Flynn, on Wednesday admonished Iran’s recent missile testing, warning Tehran that it is “on notice” from the White House.

“The Trump administration condemns such actions by Iran that undermine security, prosperity and stability throughout and beyond the Middle East,” he said during the White House’s daily press briefing.

Trump on Thursday echoed Flynn’s remarks, adding that Iran “should be thankful for the terrible deal the U.S. made with them” under former President ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaBiden on Bob Dole: 'among the greatest of the Greatest Generation' Moving beyond the era of American exceptionalism The bully who pulls the levers of Trump's mind never learns MORE.

Trump repeatedly denounced the Iran nuclear deal during his 2016 presidential campaign, vowing he would scrap the pact as president.

The historic agreement offered Iran sanctions relief in exchange for greater restrictions on its nuclear energy program.